Benefits from attending a career fair as a student

It goes without saying that every student worries about networking, finding the right employment opportunity or exploring different future career possibilities during our studies. Attending a career fair organized by students is always beneficial as far as these matters are concerned.

First of all, it is a great opportunity to build or expand your network. You will have the opportunity to meet-and-greet and interact with representatives from a broad field of companies, learn about their work and make contacts. Second, you will get the chance to see their competition or companies’ expectations about employers’ desirable qualifications. More than that, you will be able to practice interviews and come in real contact with the business world. Finally, even for those who don’t know what you want to do after your studies, or what you wish to work on in the future, attending a career fair is a way to explore potential career paths and business orientations. By seeing what’s out there you might discover new career ideas you hadn’t considered before, find out about new possibilities for professions or different study directions.

Above all though you will get inspired and have a beneficial and rewarding experience that will help you explore your future!!

25 000 of Gothenburg University’s students are invited, make sure that you don’t miss out. Join the workshops, chat with different organisations, ask the questions you’ve always wanted answered and get inspired. All it takes is a registration, free of charge, at our Graduateland profile. Upload your updated CV, and you are ready to be introduced to your future! 

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