Last but not least: the business group!


The time has come to present the last group of Team Inspire. The Business Group, including Inspire’s own projectleader. They are the ones in charge of all contact with the companies and organizations who will participate in the work fair. They are also the ones who have listened to you wishes you put forward during our Q&A, hosted by Göta Studentkår’s instagram last week. They have promised to do their best to make you happy, the same goes for all of Team Inspire. Lastly Leo, Mr Projectleader is in charge of coordinating the entire fair and all of Team Inspire’s work.

You’ve now been introduced to all of us who are part of creating Inspire 2021, the digital work fair for 25 000 of Gothenburg University’s students. We hope you’ll continue to follow us during the project. Stay updated on our social media and the website, and we’ll see you when it’s time for the fair in march!

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